Raise your own fish!

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IMG_4504Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system. It is a polyculture that merges conventional fish-farm aquaculture (tank-raised animals such as fish, prawns, crayfish or snails) with hydroponics (plants grown in water) in a cooperative, mutually beneficial relationship.


This symbiosis works as follows: the waste matter from the aquaculture accumulates in the water. The ammonia in the excrement increases toxicity for the fish. This water is then led off to the hydroponic system where the waste matter is broken down by bacteria, then filtered out by the plants as nutrients. The cleansed water is then recirculated back to the fish. The nutrients contained in the fish feces are reused to nourish the crop plants, and the crop plants re-purify the water for the fish.

AquaponicNitrogenCycle_web copy

This system is very self-sustaining and cost efficient. The fish can be raised to be eaten and the plants harvested and eaten. The aquaponic system can be…

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