Garlicky Chicken Parmesan



5-half Chicken Breasts

2-19oz cans of Aylmer Accents Italian Style Stewed Tomatoes

2 tbsp Cornstarch (liquefied with water)

½ heaping tsp each Oregano and Basil

¼ tsp Grace Hot Pepper Sauce (Tobasco will do)

3 cloves Garlic

8 tbsp Parmesan Cheese, grated

2013_0222abPreheat your oven to 425˚C. Once you have all the ingredients, start by rinsing the chicken breasts and placing them in a single layer in a baking dish, about the size of the one I use here:

Once the oven is hot enough, cover the chicken dish and place it in the oven on the middle rack. Let it cook for 30 minutes.

2013_0222adIn the meantime, combine cornstarch with a little bit of water. You want to liquefy the cornstarch before adding it to your mixture to avoid making think clumps. The cornstarch gives the tomato dressing a nice gravy-like consistency.


Add the stewed tomatoes to a pot over medium heat. Add the cornstarch and all remaining ingredients, excluding the parmesan cheese.

Heat on medium until it becomes thickened. Once it2013_0222af begins to simmer, it is ready.

When the chicken is done cooking, remove it from the oven and drain the excess juices into the sink. This is mostly water, but there is some fat in there we don’t need as well.



Pour the sauce over the chicken, evenly coating it. Then add the parmesan cheese. You can add as much cheese as you want, but I always like to add some fresh parmesan to the plate after it is cooked anyway. Cook uncovered for another 10 minutes. Same temperature.


After 10 minutes, remove the chicken from the oven and let it cool for about 20 minutes before serving.


Garnish with more parmesan cheese and parsley, if desired. This usually goes best with some fresh crusty garlic bread and a spinach salad or other green vegetable (keeps the color palate vibrant). Makes 5 servings.



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